Time to Make the Donuts

Quick status update:

orange_donutWordPress is really all that.

I like it.

A lot.

I would even say I like it better than Drupal, although I understand it less… right now.

Sure, I get the whole CMS dilly and what not. I get everyone’s alignment with whatever CMS they currently use. But I’m in the unusual position of acting as a solo Web Dev, and using three separate CMS systems. Furthermore, Drupal really counts as three CMS’s on its own, and I have sites I maintain it Drupal 5, Drupal 6, plus another handful are Drupal 7. Gotta love those core updates! …Oh, and there’s a proprietary e-commerce CMS in the mix too, but at least that one’s cash positive 😉

So when I say I understand it less, I mean on the deeper technical side. The bashrc side. The command line front line so to speak. Unfortunately, this has slowed down my initial creative mojo, and has me all boiled up into a blister!

I’ve jumped into WordPress head first, like I have with a lot of things that I’ve ended up grasping pretty thoroughly in the long run, such as gee-tar playin’, drawin’, vidjo editin’, cookin’ and so on. Many of these are still passions of mine. Because sometimes, when you have to eat, you learn to cook. And sometimes, when you learn to cook, you have fun cookin’!

I plan on devouring the WordPress Codex (God, rest its soul), and delving deeper into PHP, JSON, and really getting into the Loop, wp-cli stye and what not.

Hopefully the epiphanies will be plenty, and I’ll be able to apply them in real-time and maybe even convert a few old sites along the way.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, hey… didn’t somebody say something about donuts?

Donuts, mmmmmm…